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Health literacy has long been recognized as a key determinant of health outcomes. The cost of low health literacy is estimated in billions of dollars spent in excess and inefficient office and emergency room visits, and poor medication adherence leading to unfavorable health outcome and increased mortality. With close to 90% of adults being less than proficient in health literacy, low health literacy puts a heavy health and economic burden on healthcare institutions and the healthcare system in general. 

Your patients will love Larissa

Healthcare is all about individuals and individualized experiences. Larissa provides personalized digital experiences that are proven to boost the understanding and satisfcation of patients. 

You will love Larissa

Larissa doesn't add any time to current workflows. Nurses or nursing assistants can assess their patients’ needs and have Larissa engage with their patients in the education that relates to the demographics. . 


  • 84 year old, Male, knee surgery patient: "I love how easy this is to use".
  • 68 year old, Female, knee surgery patient: “It helped me, it was very useful and actually taught me something”.
  • 72 year old, Female, "It was fanastic. I did great on it!".
  • Nursing Manager, "Patients seem excited after using Larissa, I'm more confident that they'll take better care of themselves".


    Larissa helps organizations to quickly create and deploy personalized instructional videos to boost engagement 


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