MIT - Harvard Startup Teams with Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital to Tackle Patient Engagement

Nursing Staff Can Create AI-Driven Videos Within Seconds to Deliver Animated, Post-Surgery Instructions and Discharge Information to Patients

Boston-– December 13, 2018 - Larissa Technologies and Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital have announced the successful rollout of an initiative to improve patient education and compliance. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Larissa Technologies and the staff at the Brockton hospital were able to seamlessly create animated instructional videos to help patients better understand discharge information. 

“We’re thrilled with the ease of use and high engagement rates from the program,” said nursing director Melissa Killham. “These educational animations are a simple way for post-surgical patients to move through the information at their own pace while answering questions that measure their understanding.” 

In a previous survey (click the link for reference) of 19,000 adults, more than one third of patients demonstrated only basic health literacy and over one quarter could not make appropriate decisions based on provided samples of medical information. Individuals who struggle to understand instructions often fail to comply with care directives and are high cost drivers in healthcare systems. 

“We are privileged to work with Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital,” said Larissa Technologies’ CEO and co-founder Erdem Yilmaz. “Our AI-driven, interactive videos deliver a course of simple, post-surgical instructions to patients in place of paper instructions that have been shown to be less-efficient”. Company co-founder Jon Van Ornam, MD added, “As an emergency medicine physician, I know firsthand the challenges of delivering critical information to patients, and I’m incredibly proud of what we have accomplished here.”

The startup launched out of the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund and is based in Boston, MA. Larissa Technologies expects to roll out their service to additional hospitals across the United States in early 2019. The team has also received interest from other verticals where their AI could be used to create high customer engagement.

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